The love supreme

The love supreme


J O T - Diagonal gallery

Lets just say.....scrapping on a diagonal isn't ma thang!
But....the challenge was issued....and I gave it a go!
You can see some absolutely brilliant diagonal inspired layouts in the latest issue of Jot Magazine.


J O T - Sparkle gallery

You may have spotted these in the  Jot Magazine issue 15   Sparkle gallery...
You can never have enough sparkle right?


J O T - Storytelling..its Fathers Day

I am sure by now everyone has read the latest issue of Jot Magazine...
honestly its just gorgeous... the pinata gallery...and the peak into Jot girl Sherees creative space were among my most favourite articles this issue.

I thought Id share my contributions....beginning with the Storytelling gallery...which is always my most favourite.

When Alex posted this photo to Instagram I knew immediately it would find its way onto a layout.


Currently #9

Currently #9

Thankful for - Some gorgeous fabric finds at the Op Shop this morning.... three stops...and each place I found some lovely pieces.. all up they cost me $5.00 thankful.

Reading - White Gardenia - Belinda Alexandra (I bought it at the Op Shop in Lameroo when I worked there a few weeks ago.) Ive been sewing so much of late Ive barely turned the pages though.

Watching - The Bachelor ..Offspring ... The Block....Married at first sight and binge watching Morag Gambles Permaculture series on You Tube

Podcasts - Shiny Healthy You - Jules Galloway

Inspired by - Morag Gamble and her Permaculture garden.... not to mention her sustainable...simple...debt free life.

Wondering - How on earth we came to actually own a Motorhome... ohh maah gosh...its ours!

Making - I am back onto making clothing pieces after an entire week of making new curtains for our motorhome.

Paper crafting -  Not happening... my desire has left the will return.... but not just now.

Focused on - Low Tox food... products...and life for our home. Slowly making changes every single time I shop. The biggest most exciting news on this front is finding a shampoo and conditioner I love and tolerate.

Hoping to - Finish my travel badge cushion project this weekend.

Planning - to take the girlies away tonight to camp in the Motorhome. They are excited and so are we, 

Learning - That when I drop healthy habits.... it would be kinder to just pick them up again rather than beat myself up. So note to self.... make some time Mardi.

Wearing - a Maxi skirt... black top and denim jacket. Oh and slippers...haha

Drinking - Coffee....always coffee....too much coffee.

Wishfully wanting -  a new leather handbag...some low tox eco tan...and some lovely new scrap supplies.

Planning - On some garden planting.

Debating in my head -  to blog ?....or not to blog?



Trust the girls at Kraft + Plus to kick off Spring with a gorgeous colour challenge.. I loved it.
It reminded me of kool fruit lollies and my bed linen.

See what I mean....delicious mood board.

We would love you to play along...
All the details are on the Kraft + plus blog of course.


J O T - Issue 15

Breaking my blogging drought to pop in and mention ...

Its an absolutely amazing issue...
I hope you enjoy it as much as we (Kim...Jot girls and contributors) do.

You can read it for free....HERE


J O T - Storytelling gallery

This is one of my most favourite storytelling layouts....
This goat has been a bone of contention since the minute he arrived...

I also LOVED Wilnas Spring Collection print and cut files ...I still look at them and sigh...gorgeous.

Thats the last of my Jot issue 14 layout shares..
thankfully it wont be too much longer before issue 15 will be out.