The love supreme

The love supreme



Currently #8

Thankful for - Catch-up TV ...yep keeping it simple today. I am a 'The Bachelor' fan..and hate missing it when I work night shift.

Reading - Claiming Noah - Amanda Ortlepp

Watching - The Bachelor and Offspring

Podcasts - Low Tox Life - Alexx Stuart

Inspired by - My sock knitting friends.... they look so hard... I mean do you get two identical socks?? How do you make them fit your feet? Two of my lovely Instagram friends Mel at  onecraftymumma  and Sian at fromhighinthesky both knit amaaaazing socks...and I am so tempted to sneakily give them a go.

Wondering - Why on earth I have suddenly got a taste for chocolate after not barely touching it for over 12 months!! Why? why? why? does that happen??

Making - Nope... no making... just reading.

Paper crafting -  Jot projects....  but BADLY in need of gorgeous new product....must start browsing and shopping.

Focused on - Stopping eating that bl00dy chocolate!!

Hoping to - Find some woollen fabric to begin a project I have in mind that uses my gorgeous woven travel patches.

Planning - a weekend away.

Learning - to pre-cook and freeze meals for when I don't feel like it later. I have been loving the simplicity of grabbing a frozen meal from the freezer on the way to work. The only downside is our tiny freezer.

Wishing - Winter would move on....I'm definitely ready for spring and summer....its been too cold this year.


Recording the memories - Layout - Hello love

Some days its more productive if all the fancy details are kept to a minimum and the story is told. Just get that story down!



Another amazing day in Tokyo... 
I felt all wistful and a little emotional thinking back to this day... we truly loved Tokyo so much.
I hope to get back there again.
I have recorded the entire story of our amazing day on my travel blog (HERE)


T R A V E L - Tokyo Day 1

For those who are interested in our travels....I have begun recording our recent trip on my other Blog .... TRAVEL....REPEAT

 I know it wont interest everyone.... but if you are intrigued... pop on over.

So far I've added in a post on our itinerary and our first days in Tokyo.


J O T - Doodle-Y-Doo gallery

Sharing today another of my layouts from Jot Magazine issue 14
This one was a part of the 'Doodle-Y-Doo gallery.
Its funny....I doodle on everything when I am on the a lecture... passing time... but when it was intentional and for a purpose I found it made me a little nervous.
In the end I was reasonably happy with my little doodled snail... 
and most importantly I really happy to have this story recorded.


Jot Magazine - July Mood Board

One glimpse of the Jot Magazine July mood board is enough to guess who collated it this month.
Its a gorgeous sunshiny Kim Jeffress yellow.

I took my inspiration from the woodgrain... the rope... and the white banner... and of course that gorgeous yellow.

Of course we would love you to join in and play along...
all details can be found on the Jot Blog here.


Currently # 7

Currently #7

(ahhh...those holiday memories)

Thankful for - The most amazing holiday memories of the British Isles and Northern Europe. Its hard to believe we have been home three weeks already.

Reading - Angel in the Rubble - Genelle Guzman-McMillan

Watching - Game of Thrones season 6

Podcasts - Shiny Healthy You

Inspired by - Keep in mind project - Melissa Stainwald - what a courageous and gut wrenching story but with such hope and possibility.

Wondering - about ceasing my blogging.... this would be the first time since I began that I am seriously considering it.

Making - "tweet tweet.... birds chirping" in other words... nothing.

Paper crafting - Jot projects and the beginning thoughts of a holiday album.

Focused on - eating well and moving every day.

Hoping to - Learn a new skill or craft. I feel the need for a new passion.

Planning - meals and freezer backups.

Learning - Yoga and maintaining a daily practice.

Wishing - I was braver... had more faith... and didn't talk so much.