Monday, July 28, 2014


Gosh the last week went in a seems so much has happened in such a short time.
But I did want to mention that I had THE BEST time teaching a lovely group of ladies a 'Mini book class' as a fundraiser for a local "Relay for Life" team.

Its always a little off-putting standing out the front as everyone files in.... I was searching for some faces I knew...and of course there were a few....but lots of lovely ladies I had never met before too.

The mini- book involved some play with Heidis masks and there was lots of misting..
experimenting....and mess created at the 'misting table'.

I was so grateful that everyone embraced the class and made it their own. 
I am always aware when I have been asked to choose products for a class that every one has their very individual tastes when it comes to scrapbooking and my choice of the bright 'Favourite Things' papers may have not been to everyone's liking but each and every class participant just dug in and had fun which I was so thankful for.

Silly me didn't think to get a shot of all of the albums until after some of the ladies had left... but we grabbed up these that we could....and I was just SO chuffed with what had been created. How cool that from the same kit of products...we ended up with so many versions of the same thing.

I had my photo taken with Sandy and Sandra my friends...

... and of course... in hindsight...maybe I should have kept my tongue in my head...seeing as this photo was the best of the bunch in my opinion....other than my tongue of course...oops

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


17 / 07 / 14 
Its a regular Thursday evening .. 'Superwoman' is writing at the table....then out of the blue as if she has already been having this conversation in her head...she says...

"That's why my body is needs to get wider for all my ideas."

"I've got lots"

"I've got 100"

Bless Her.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Funny little Booka..

You are a funny little soul...

This is your spot at Nans...
its the quilt you love..
the couch you love...
and its usually a movie 'you' love...
(Robots..or Yabba Dadda Do)

You tuck yourself in so well we can barely see you are there.

Saturday, July 12, 2014


There is no question about it...I am finding this whole process quicker each month.

I have made myself some short cuts...
  •  at the beginning of each month I make a {Print for PL} file to store all the photos I know I will want to include.
  • At the end of each month I drag all the photos relevant to the month from my phone and add with the others in my monthly folder. I add the best of these to my (print for PL) file.
  • I complete my Project 365 collage and print off - this gives me an awesome list of dates and activities.
  • I get an overall colour theme from the memory planner and my photos...I then grab up some coordinating bits.
  • I remind myself to 'get over' my handwriting...and just add it.
  • Then... inspired my Kim Jeffress... I have been adding any movies we have collected using a QR code. 
So here is our June... all recorded in my Memory Planner...

 Gosh that's a great feeling.... June is done and dusted.

Friday, July 11, 2014


I secretly love having crafty kids to play with....haha soon as I saw Jot girl Lauren had another 'Jot Kids' holiday challenge running...I knew we were in.
This holidays Kim and Lauren have put together a lovely pastel palette and the cutest free downloadable tag sheet.
You can read all the details and download your tags HERE

Now... bit of a confession printer was printed the images enormously...I tried a trillion times...and in the end I just used what we please don't look at the scale of my tags... they are actually perfect sized on the sheet....mine however...not so much.

I left the girls to create their many times I wanted to butt in and suggest...or line up...but I refrained....and this was their artwork.

Bella - Age 5

and this one....because her heart lies with drawing at the she busied herself drawing.

Brooke - age 4
Little Booka is not usually interested in it was really lovely to have her joining in enthusiastically...using scissors...making choices... and drawing.
Great job Boogs.

So that was our afternoon.... lots of fun...paper snipping...and creating.
There is a wonderful prize pack to be make sure you enter to win.

Thursday, July 10, 2014


Wow...what a month June was...
I will let my Project 365 captures tell the went like this..
1. Sunday morning 'breakfast club' with friends (at Garry and Sandys)
2.Mummy and Daddy are we have three little cherubs for dinner.
3. Char visits and shows me her beautiful quilt top.
4. Brookes painting from Kindy featuring Briony butterfly, Brayden Monster, Mud worm and slug.
5. Scrapbooking evening with friends
6. Heading down to set up camp at the Moorook game reserve
7. Camping and fishing - Mitch and Meg..Brent and Alex...Andrew and Petrina..Jack and Jorja
8. Our last day camping
9. Scrapbooking the Mood board challenge
10. Savoury toast for lunch for Brooke and Brayden who spend the day with Nan
11. I made cushions for the girls using their artwork
12. The Bray
13. A layout from Jot
14. Making pumpkin soup
15. Briony sent me a photo from her home...she is studying with the mug from Betty close
16. I received a beautiful candle from Dee and D-Lights
17. Working on 21st birthday invites for Brionys upcoming birthday
18. Briony and her friends flew to the Gold Coast
19. I had lunch with Keryn at the Bluebird cafe
20. I'm in Melbourne with our dearest Qld mates (Love this girl)
21. Pies vrs the Hawks at the MCG
22. Shopping in Melbourne - Ian stocked up on reading glasses.
23. Home from Melbourne mourning the loss of my reading glasses...searching for new ones.
24. Chinese laundry here today
25. I have a sick Bubba here with me today
26. The girls sporting their Pies tattoos
27. Granny and Grumps arrive for a visit
28. Bells made me a box car and asked if I could 'park' it near my bed.
29. My littlest girlies
30. Another day at work...another RFDS flight

Wednesday, July 09, 2014


Nothing fancy here...
just a navy blue winter tunic for my little Bells to wear to school.
Lex tried to buy one in her size but they had sold out....  so the only option was to make one (or wear the alternate uniform...but she waaaaanted one so badly...and she tugged at my heart..)
.....and as luck would have it...
I had just picked myself up a new (to me) over-locker off 'buy swap and sell'.. bargain!
I was keen to give it a whirl... so I picked up some fabric.. searched online for a pattern and in a couple of hours I had a snuggly warm tunic all set for our littlest school girl.

The pattern I used was from 'Pretty Prudent" and was clear and easy to follow.
I altered the pleats and bodice in line with the school pattern...but the sizing...pattern and method were all from the pattern online.

I have promised Brookie one too... its on my to-do list...and she hasn't forgotten...she reminds me at every visit bless her.