The love supreme

The love supreme


Recording the Memories - Artist

I think this would have to be one of my favourite layouts.
Not because of the design...product...or subject...
but just because it makes me stop and look at all the details in the photo.
His cute little hands holding the brush... the concentration as he observes everything..
...trying hard to make his own art.


Jot Mood Board - February

Ohhhh ....
Mood board....
So pretty this month...
Jot Magazines February Mood board is so pretty.... purple and all.
The sage green that jumped out at me...and I was smitten.


Kraft + challenge - Going postal

Its a new month.....
and there is a new Kraft + plus challenge.
This month the challenge is called "Going Postal"...and its all about stamps.

What a perfect opportunity to scrap about my babies trip to Indonesia with the Uni.
Lets just say it was the trip of a lifetime.... such highs....and a few lows.... including some frightening times in Jakarta during the week of her stay.


Memorandum Monday - Hair care products...

Hello and happy Monday!
Monday means its  "Memorandum Monday" day
 ... which for those who don't a blog prompt I've been playing along with the last few weeks. It makes me think....makes me appreciate....and I may just learn a thing or two.
In fact I have,

So this week I have been thinking about hair care products...
or rather my unsuccessful search for a product that suits me.

So rather than posting about what I've learnt....I'm posting about what I am yet to learn.

"There must be a product out there that's perfect for me !"

I am not joking...I could start up a road-stall with all the partially used bottles of shampoo / conditioner and styling product (which in itself is laughable since I am the most un-styled person I know)

The most frustrating part is.....I am not even entirely sure what all the allergy triggers are.. how ridiculous is that! I mean...surely I could take a little time and try and narrow it down?
Its just not that easy though....sometimes I can use something for a week or so...then slowly the itch will begin. Other times I'm itching before I get out of the shower.

I even tried the 'no-shampoo' look...
apparently after a few weeks the natural oils do their job and your hair looks luscious and beautiful. 
Ummm....well not this mop of fine....thin ...dry hair.
It looked like I had stepped off the set of Vikings.

So..its back to the drawing board as my latest "I think this is the one!' has failed...
I know to avoid...sulphates...parabens...some fragrances.... but I also need to avoid lavender.. citrus...salicylates...oats... and a number of other so called 'naturals'..
its a treacherous and expensive search.

Has anyone got any suggestions?


Recording the Memories - Science

Its sometimes all too easy to get caught up in the lure of new products and beautiful designs
not to mention the amazing talents out there that leave me feeling incredibly average when it comes to paper and glue.
But.... when it all boils down....its about recording memories and getting those stories told.

We all need an Aunty who is happy to take part in science before breakfast.


Memorandum Monday - The wise things kids say.

Kids can be so wise... so intuitive... and so accepting of the ebbs and flows of life.
Taker this perfect example.

We were at  our local family club for dinner and as usual the girls were passing time patiently by drawing on the back of their place-mats.
 Alex noticed it first... Bells had drawn such cute drawing... 
"Awww Bella ...that's such a sweet little howling dog" 

 Then this....

the sweetest reply....

spoken as though this was completely normal...

 "Yes... last week  I had run out of ideas.....
but I just waited a while and now my heads is full of ideas again"


Recording the Memories - Seven

More layout shares today.
I also want to mention how much I     L O V E     these Heidi Swapp speech bubbles!