The love supreme

The love supreme



 Well this is a turn out for the books... I promised myself I would never blog any more of my project life spreads because I find them FAR TOO HARD to photograph...and blogging them isn't worth the angst of getting a good shot.

Fast forward to today....I decided to give it another shot.

However....I am adding a disclaimer right here on the first post..... if you want beautiful photographs.. move on will not see them here.

For those who follow on Instagram... mardi_jane you may have read that I procrastinated far too much before beginning this year....

I already knew I wanted to use the same 6x8 format as I did last year.. because it was easy to achieve...and another important reason was ..its easy for the little kids to manage when they flip through....which they do very regularly.

I was stuck....because I wanted it to be perfect this year... I wanted it to have a flow...a 'look' a consistency... but instead of actually beginning I just kept staring at the blank album...frozen.

What was the turning point? ... who knows....I just decided I was being ridiculous... 'perfect' isn't my thing....I am more of a 'wing it as you go' kind of I just got to it.

I am happy now ...for the most part....although I wont lie...I still hate my photographs.

 This year I am including more 'flaps'  so I can tuck away some extra stories...this spread has two. One of a before and after of Brionys Hens Day...where I tucked a few 'pole dancing' photos...from the most hilarious day ever....and another of her brand new classroom (her first year of teaching).

I am using a monthly calendar card from this gorgeous Wilna bears collection - I adored it... although this was one of my decision torments.... should I go clean and graphic?...or whimsical and arty?.... the bears won.... because the kids loved them....and really...thats what its all about.

My album and pages are Kaisercraft Captured Moments - I used them last year too....which keeps my albums consistent. I really liked the quality....although I do feel the pockets are a little smidge larger than the photos.... which on the upside allow bulky inserts.

I use the Becky Higgins Project Life App to print a lot of my journal cards...I am trying to get into the habit of typing them as I go throughout the month.... attempting to record more of the little stories rather than the big overviews. Once I create a card....usually on my phone while I'm on the go...I save it to Dropbox.... then its easy to print at home when it suits.

I also love the 'Collect App' on my phone.... it allows me to pop in a photo each day of the month...and add in a mini story. I often sit and load these up from my camera roll all in one go....because Im honest here....I suck at staying on top of a photo-a-day type commitments.
These look fabulous printed out and included throughout the months spreads...well I think so anyway.

So there you have it.... the beginnings of my Project Life 2017


Currently #11

How about a long overdue  'Currently' post...

Thankful for -  A great job... my beautiful family and the most fabulous friends.

Reading - The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena ... also browsing the others above.

Watching - Narcos on Netflix, A Place to call Home on DVD and Married at first sight on free to air.

Podcasts - Nope.,... first time in ages I haven't been listening at all.

Inspired by - The Blog 'No Side Bar' 

Making - Macrame .. just because its like meditation...and we all need meditation.

Paper crafting -  The beginnings of my 2017 Project Life album.

Focused on - Ticking unfinished items off my to-do list .. and loving it.

Hoping to - Have a major clean-out soon. Its my next big mission once all my projects are caught up.

Learning - That some things in life have run their course and its OK to say goodbye and move on.

Wearing - My green work uniform.. and boots.

Drinking - Coffee....always coffee.

Wishfully wanting -  Living the Healthy Life - by Jessica Sepel

Planning- Meals for next week... a list of everything I want to catch up on...and some weekends away.


Memos, Mail, Me - Scrapbook goodness and book wisdom

Its Monday...and that means if I'm to play along with Sians 'Memo, Mail, Me': prompt I need to actually 'tune myself in' to what the universe sent me this week.

The obvious one is these gorgeous scrap supplies that arrived....I am not sure I can thank the universe seeing as I ordered them from Sassy Scrappers after seeing Jot girl Sherees Instagram feed. I just adored them...and I justified them in my head.... it had been quite some time since I splurged...and I am trying to prepare for a year of memory keeping ahead.

Then this golden little gem arrived....perhaps this time I can thank the universe. Its the book on top of my current read pile...."The 15 Minute Organizer" and I picked it up in a secondhand shop while we were away on the weekend.
It cost me all of $1.00
Its old... and to be truthful... a little corny..... but I loved this one little quote...

"A body at rest tends to remain at rest, and a body in motion tends to remain in motion. Procrastinators have a difficult time getting in motion, but once we get in motion we tend to stay in motion. If we gain momentum the task is well on its way to completion."

I couldn't help thinking that is me to a T.
I've been on a roll of late....I just have to keep that momentum going.

Oh and as an after thought...I have only ever subscribed to a kit club for a short time.. and that's long cancelled... but I miss that regular top-up of supplies. I have been thinking about re-visiting the idea of late... any recommendations?


B & Js Wedding - 21 / 1 / 2017

It seems almost impossible that its been 2 weeks since our youngest was married.

She and Jarrad make the most beautiful couple. Together since school days....through all those teenage years,... not to mention the 4 years of geographic separation due to University.
Anyone that knows them would vouch what a special couple they are...they have an unspoken respect and love for each other.. they work hard... are goal driven and are incredibly generous with their time and money toward family and friends.

Its not an easy job planning and hosting a wedding... there are a million gazillion little things to be considered and arranged...and she was an absolute pleasure to work with. I waited during the entire process for the stress to take over... but it didn't. I have never seen her so relaxed and happy in my life.

They were surrounded by the most beautiful and supportive attendants (Alex, Hannah, Kate and Chelsea..along with Jordan, Ben, Nathan and Zac) ... their bridal party was made up of family and dear friends.... the photographer Shaun is one of our dearest mates... Meg did an amazing job of MC ..and Kurt and Paige took some video footage.

 It was such a relaxed morning at home....having the hair and makeup done here at home meant we could pour some bubbles and sit back and relax.

 Jarrad and the Groomsmen looking so handsome... I am sure by now they were keen to get the party started.

 The wedding ceremony was held in Jarrads Aunt and Uncles garden... we can not thank them enough for the work they put in to make sure it was just beautiful on the day. It was a rather warm afternoon so we were thankful of some tree coverage along the edge for shade.


Memos, Mail, Me: Yarn, Books and invitations

Its been awhile since I played along with Sian (From High in the Sky) and her Monday posts but I am hoping to join in again this year.
I love the concept... of sharing a snippet on a Monday ..even though once again I am late.
This year there has been a slight tweak and we are invited to share some mail or a memo...or something that came into our lives throughout the week. 

So my mail during the week has included these lovelies...

A bridal shower invitation for my beautiful niece Carly which I am so excited about. It sounds cliche but truly it feels only yesterday we were after school at Grandma and Grandpas pool and the kids were all swimming and playing together.... probably at the time we didn't even appreciate how special it was that the cousins were always together but looking back now... seeing them all grown up and still such close friends it sinks in... it IS special. Of course the bridal shower is an excitement of one kind...but the wedding...oh gosh...I can not wait!

A book...Anna Graham Handmade style.... I ordered this from the library late last be honest I had completely forgotten about it until I got a text on my phone saying I had a book to collect. My stitching bug has moved to the side just at the moment but it is a gorgeous book with a lot of lovely patterns...a couple of which I am pretty sure I might tackle in the future.

Yarn....oh gosh I could have squealed when this arrived... from The Adelaide Hills Yarn Company...  its re-purposed unused fabric that is saved from landfill....thats their words... but they are rolls of gorgeous soft Tshirt like yarn. The company is in the Adelaide Hills which is not that far from love keeping it in the state of SA. It would be perfect for crochet...but my plan for it is macrame...I hope it works as well as I imagine.

Thanks for the reminder to open my eyes a little more Sian.... and there you have first
Memos, Mail and Me for 2017.


L I S T - L O V E # 2

It may sound ridiculous.... but just having my list 'out there'has made me feel more accountable... and motivated toward ticking them off.

Just this week I have finished off or started...
  1. My December Daily album complete
  2. Began a new Netflix Series - Narcos
  3. Read a book - Fiona McCallum - Saving Grace and started another.
  4. Watched Minimalism on Netflix
  5. Meal planning back on track
  6. Put in an order to 'The Adelaide Yarn Company'
  7. Cleaned out my email inbox of literally 100's of emails...and unsubscribed to over 80.
  8. Completed a couple of Jot projects
So this week my focus is....
  1. Finish of my 2016 Project Life album
  2. Get the bones of my 2017 Project Life album together. Including printing out some cards in preparation.
  3. Email all the wedding guests their group family photo.
  4. Cook up a batch of Butter Chicken for the freezer - (so handy for night shift meals.)
    The meals planned for this week will revolve around the abundance of kale and herbs I have in the garden.... I need to begin eating it faster than the caterpillars who are doing a pretty good job on the kale at this stage.

    1. Kale chips for the kids after school tonight... they love green chips.
    2. Healthy fried rice with Kale, Garlic and Chilli - Jessica Sepel
    3. Healthy Chicken Pesto Pasta also Jessica Sepel
    4. Crunchy Carrot , Avocado and Pepita Salad - Jessica Sepel with BBQ 
    5. Butter Chicken - Quirky Cooking.
    Thats is folks.... keeping it simple... healthy and planned this week.


    Jot Mood Board February 2017

    This months February Jot mood board was collated together by Amanda... and I just adored it.
    The colours were right up my alley...and the pink tones teamed with the beautiful florals was perfect for wedding photos....and I have PLENTY of those!

    I am going to be honest here about how this layout came together because its my new Blog motto.

    I had no idea where to begin.... so I just grabbed a pile of florals... made a photo stack and added them to the looked pretty good....I was chuffed. 
    Next I added in some watercolour...yep...happy happy!! 
    Then I decided on some rub-ons... I was nervous...Mardi and rub-ons don't share a good history...and yep! you guessed it...they didnt rub off looked terrible!
    I added some paper strips and random embellishments to cover the failures... but it wasn't the same...I was sad..defeated...and so I turned off the light and went grocery shopping.

    Fast forward a few hours....  I look at it again.... and low and behold ..I've decided...its fine after all!
    Move on Mardi !

    I know that everyone at Jot would be over the moon if you played along.... below is the mood board if you are tempted to give it a go.