The love supreme

The love supreme


J O T Mood board January 2017

....and HERE WE GO!
First Jot Mood Board Challenge for the year.
I had mentioned to the Jot Team that with Brionys wedding only weeks away that I was on a bit of a scrapping hiatus.... my attention has definitely been turned in other directions.
But how could I resist this mood board.... and I had the perfect story to tell.

This boy ALWAYS wears his pants with the zip at the back... 
no matter how many times you turn them around...he whips them off and turns them around.

...and just so you can see the mood board she is..

I hope you can join us and play along...


MY READS - 2016

Last year I posted a list of all the books I read throughout the year.. and I kinda liked it.
Its pretty obvious I love a list... so here is this years reads...
a few more than last year too.



What an absolute delight to be able to contribute to this collaboration between 
I have ordered and been delighted with Cocoa Vanilla products I knew we were in for a treat...and this new collection "Make a Wish" is gorgeous.
The moment the collection arrived I knew it was going to be a dream to use.

Just as I was writing this post this morning I realised how much I have missed my scrapbooking this last month or must be time to record some stories again. For some reason... the Cocoa Vanilla Wood Veneers sprang to mind.... maybe Ill have to get them out and see what inspiration follows.



Here it is.... 
the most beautiful 'Suse' mood board... perfect for a Jot Mood board challenge.

 I have been in scrapbooking hibernation of late... but this mood board had me digging through supplies..and hunting for a photo.
I chose this photo taken around this time last year... grabbed the inspiration from the pink... and striking black and white polka dots...and the layout came together all on its own.

...and the mood board for inspiration is below... oh and there is one of my favourites "Cocoa Vanilla Studio" as the sponsor this month... so I hope you can find time to play along.



Every month Kim whips another amazing issue together....the Jot team ...the contributors...all inspiring but probably my most favourite part is the "Lets meet... " article... its such a pleasure this month to learn a little more about the creative process of one of my favourites Felicity Wilson.

...aaaaaand....what a pleasure to take part in the Cocoa Vanilla collaboration...the most beautiful "make a wish" collection was an absolute joy to play with.

I hope you find time to sit with a cuppa and soak it all in.



I am sneaking in here ...feeling like my poor neglected blog wont even recognise me.
I have a really good excuse though.... truly I do....

My last baby is getting married in a short few months and we have been very busy with  wedding plans and D.I.Ys.

Its right up my alley... any excuse to give something a go. I mean... buying more supplies all in the name of wedding experimentation ...thats totally acceptable right?

Its typical with crafting though.... one thing leads to another... windows of opportunity open up..and before you know it you find yourself off on a huge big tangent creating something entirely unrelated... just for the sheer fun of it.

So thats what happened with this little adventure....and I just may have stumbled upon something I love more than I even imagined....just by knotting a couple of ropes.

...and then when I ran out of rope....I found some string....
this little tutorial was a sweetie.

 I am pretty sure this may just be the beginning of fair dinkum macrame love.


S T O R M - 11/11/16

Our poor little town / and region was hit by a big storm on Friday night... not only was there huge hail but also some fierce damaging winds in places. Trees were scattered and businesses were damaged both by the wind and also the flooding caused by hail. The worst hit were and the rural grape and fruit growers in this area....some areas lost 100% of their crops and rows upon rows of vines just fell over.

Thankfully our family fared well... we had some minor flooding through our back windows which was easily soaked up with towels... and carpet dries.
Brent and Alex copped the worst....they lost 3 or so trees..including one precariously on their power line. They also lost their back and side fence... a part of their pergola and the chook shed roof. To top it off...their car was hail damaged.

Speaking with Mum today I thought it was quite ridiculous that it had basically not even made the news. It seems if you don't live in that golden metro circle you barely exist.

I didn't take a lot of photos...but here are a few....