The love supreme

The love supreme


Jot Magazine Mood board - April 2017 - Today

I just couldn't resist another play with the Jot Magazine Mood Board... there is so much inspiration to draw from,,,, and my mind was whirring with possibilities.
I have been on a real stash busting mission of late....I've dragged out all of my old embellishments and colour sorted them into containers...this makes mood board scrapping so easy.  Lots of golden oldie products found their way onto this layout.

Here is the gorgeous mood board.... and the link (HERE) 


She graduated!

I don't tend to write a lot of personal posts these days.... but weddings and graduations are a whole different story.
We were incredibly proud to sit among crowd at the Adelaide Convention centre and watch our beautiful girl collect her parchment.
The speakers on the day were so inspiring... one in particular Menna Rawlings touched me with her words and I wish that I could have etched them permanently in my mind.

Four years of hard work... late nights...early mornings... ridiculous travel schedules..assignments...and "I'm over this" calls.. as well as her consistent high achievements... school placements that brought her life long friends and mentors...a study trip to Jakarta. 
In  those four years she moved away to the city...then back to the country which meant a  250 km commute each and every week...sometimes twice.. she juggled .. bought a home..and planned a wedding... then scored a full time contract for a year which she started the same week she got married. 
To say we are proud is an understatement.

All of this time she had this wonderful supportive man by her side... he encouraged her..loved her...and made sacrifices to suit her schedule... he travelled miles for visits... mopped up tears and spent many a night alone while she poured over her laptop working on one assignment or another. He also shared her joy when assignments were sent in and grades came back. All of this while achieving his own success and building a life wonderful life together.

So proud of you both.


Jot Magazine Mood Board- April 2017 - if you stumble

I thought the Jot Magazine April mood board had a gorgeous luxe vibe ... its a serious contender for my most favourite board ever.... let me just mention this...' and lush pink blooms'.... swoon.
Jot girl Raquel pulled it together absolutely beautifully.

I think I took the easy way out when with my inspiration from the colours....the beautiful script print....and those gorgeous flowers...  I was blown away by Jot girl Amanda and her stunning 'puffy sofa' background. Here is the inspiration....and the (link)


Currently # 12

Thankful for -  a lovely weekend away with family...and a few nights in 'Winnie' our Motorhome.

Reading - Stolen Time - by Sunny Jacobs  ( a true story ...  to be honest I sort of wish it was a little more condensed)

Watching - Very little at the moment... other than You Tube binges.

Podcasts - Inkie chat and EM Basic (for some work related knowledge extension and revision)

Inspired by - Bev from Iris May Style to get my wardrobe organised for the cooler weather.

Wondering - If I should take the plunge and join the #the100dayproject ...every year I watch others take part and yet I abstain because the '100 day' part scares me! 100 days is a bloody long time.
I did wonder if it would suit my little 'Frankie Diary scrap album' project that I started a week or so ago...I cold easily add 100 more random little pages to this. I may just have convinced myself.... really...what have I got to lose?

Making - a soft pink macrame wall hanging.

Paper crafting -  Layouts for Jot and Project Life March spreads....and my little Frankie scrap album pages.

Focused on -  Cleaning out....and purging my wardrobe.... including storing some lesser worn items in archive boxes on the top shelf.

Hoping to - lose a couple of kg...ahahaa 

Learning - that the less I have....the neater I keep it... the happier I am. 

Wearing - uniform and brand new work boots...  (blue steel zip side lace ups)... the sales lady said they are perfect for long shifts like at Maccas..... made me giggle to myself.

Drinking - Black tea

Wishfully wanting -  a pair or black Bohemian Traders drop crutch pants... I have a pair of trackies in this style that I have worn to death.

Planning- Holidays... some Winnie Motorhome travel this year.....and Alaska / Canada 2018



I have been meaning to tell this little crafty story for some time.... its how another little passion crept into my life.. and sort of stuck there....

It began when Briony mentioned how much she would love a macrame backdrop for her wedding. We began looking at images online... and I immediately knew... I wanted to make her one ...and I could make her one.
Heck.... I recall making many a hanging plant hanger....or hooty beaded eyes owl back in the day....Mum was a macrame lover from way back....and I joined in the fun.
I am sad now though.... that all of the book...patterns and supplies Mum had were tossed during a clean-out ... who would have ever thought I'd one day be looking for them.

Seriously.... macrame is not hard....its just knots... lots of them.
There are a plethora of ridiculously talented macrame artists online.... especially on Instagram... type in macrame and prepare to drift into 'macrame heaven' what some of those girls can do with rope / cord / string just blows me away.

On a scale ...I am at the 'simple and repetitive' end...and thats ok.... when you work on a huge scale it has plenty of impact...

There was no pattern...other than some rough calculations on paper regarding the width and the amount of rope I would need. I was terrified of cutting my ropes too short...and not having enough length to complete the design.
Luckily there were some great suggestions online as to how to calculate this....and I did the equation over and over....and over and over.....just to make sure I didn't stuff up.

I began with it on the clothes rack..... and as it progressed I used the curtain rod in the family became like standard addition to the space.... we missed it when it was gone.

The day finally arrived and it fitted the arbor well.... the length I had agonised over was perfect.... my only self complaint was it could have been a little wider.... I hadn't allowed for the way it naturally shrinks in at the edges... I made a 'note to self' on that one.
I was truly honoured to have made this for my beautiful girl....and from the many comments and compliments it drew on the day I felt like I did an OK job.

The string I used was sourced from String Harvest... it took just over 3kg of string... so I purchased two of the 5.5mm Extra Thick twisted cotton string 2kg was so soft to work with. I did wonder if I would have been better using a rope...rather than string.. both have a unique look... but I have decided not to over think looks beautiful as is. Soft...heavy...and beautiful.


Memos, Mail and Me: Holiday planning again..

(Photo - current desk shot.... just keeping this real!)

I had to sit and think this morning.... what had actually arrived this week... there are always the shopping catalogues (which I am avoiding) ... perhaps my brand new bank card (a shiny new orange one)....and a few beautiful new pieces of artwork loving created by the kids and adorning my fridge.
But where is the story in that..... seeing as I always look upon this prompt as means to telling a story.

It becomes blatantly clear that my story telling is in its infancy when you pop over to Sians Blog and have a read.... I am spell bound by her writing style. Not only Sian....but she attracts a gathering of lovely warm bloggers who all weave fantastic stories into the everyday. I can get caught up so easily there.

So Im trying to be more observant.... and use better choices of words... Im not banning 'nice"..'good' or 'amazing' but Im being mindful not to use them in every description and to let other words have a chance to shine.

Ooops....I slipped off track for a bit....  so back to the memo..mail and me... This last week has been time for some serious holiday planning for next year. Or rather it should have been.... it seems between my shift work and his extra hours at work our planets have barely aligned.

We do have a rough idea.... that includes Alaska and Canada. From all accounts I've read and heard from others that have visited .... its spectacular and we wont be disappointed. I can honestly admit to being excited just looking at the brochure covers. Lets hope this week we get the chance to read the brochures and investigate further...we wouldn't want to miss a 'must see!'... on that note...if you have any suggestions or experiences I would love to hear.



I initially bought this gorgeous Wilna mini class because I was smitten with the little bears and decided to use the monthly calender cards included in the class downloads for my 2017 Project Life album. 
This mini class is part of a year long workshop Wilna is running... but the individual classes are offered as stand alones which is how I purchased it.

It was quite some time later that I recalled the video / layout component of the last week when my creative spirit was low....I set myself aside some time to have a play and even more importantly on that day.....I just tuned into and listened to the beautiful calming and wise voice that Wilna brings to all that she does.

I have included the link to the mini class below...its so adorable... and it even included a gorgeous desktop size calender that greets me every time I turn on my laptop.