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.....Im back ...and this is a short prepared.....

It feels like eons since I updated my has been busy...and with Mum and Dad visiting I felt as though I spent enough time on the computer checking emails ect........without sitting updating my Blog.
So Ill just run through a quick catch up.......

Mum and Dad spent almost a week with us.... they look so rested , brown and fit from their journey...and although they are pleased to see us all...Im sure they would head off again at the drop of a hat...and so they should.

Mum worked like a trojan while she was here...she washed and ironed...and cooked meals...I loved that...because I hate meal preparation. Im hopeless at showing my appreciation....and although I thanked her more than once...Ill say it again now "THANKYOU MA"... for all your cooking, ironing ect...... it was appreciated.

I attended my very first training session ..... and although I wasnt the presenter...I did get to take a small section of the fractures session....when Johns phone rang...and he threw me the whiteboard marker as he left the room. Here I was sitting at the front of the room with all eyes eagerly awaiting me to take over...... so with NO preparation...I jumped in. Fortunatly it wasnt for long...and it was ok. I then assisted in the practical assessments.....far more my thing...and had a most enjoyable day. Having been a volunteer myself...I really feel for these guys and girls...they head out to exactly the same jobs as us....with far less training and experiance....and they do an awesome to be able to impart some knowledge and tips that I have learnt was just the best feeling. I should also thank John, a work colleague of mine...who actually took me to his session....put up with my company overnight......and made me feel very at ease....I know you read occassionally Thanks!! are really are a gem.

Brent finally received his group after all of the arrived at his new place of employment and they passed it on for him to bring home.....I swear the bu&&er was just holding on to it until I that he could get an oppurtunity to mouth off at me. Well in any case......the entire saga is over Im shutting the book on that.

My dearest friend Donna had a birthday on Monday...and although I honestly thought of you all day....I never phoned. I am honestly the slackest friend...... I have great intention...but run out of time I dont make a particularly good friend thats for sure. So although this is a feeble replacement .....I really hope you had a wonderful day ...... I hope you were spoilt rotten.... and Im guessing you would have been at I hope it was a stress free day.

...and while Im at apologies...... gorgeous cousin (closest thing I have to a little sister)...thanks for all your emails..... you are the best at keeping in touch.

Last night was School Governing Council meeting...... I have a little bit of organising to do with regard to the canteen manager replacement..... so Im meeting with the Principal this morning to arrange some further meeting times.

Im off to the hairdressers today..........Ive had this appointment for three weeks...and Im hanging hair is over 'foiled', over 'straightened' ...dry, mousy and yuck.....I cant wait to have a good cut and a colour...... Im going to be a new woman tonight.....and then head off for my night shift.

Im still persisting with my gut cleanse ..... Im not feeling nearly as sick as I was after drinking it....and who knows if its working or not.....but I will never know if I dont give it a go. I have my next appointment with her on Friday...and she is going to look at my Im keeping a diet diary for the next few days...and I have to take that with me. Im sure she will shake her head...... but no point lying to her.

Just finally a couple of scrapbooking related things......

The Scrapboxx Search for a DT is up to round 4 ...I would love to congratulate all the girls, and many of them I consider friends, that have made it through......there honestly is some amazing work.....and it must be such a tough task...narrowing it down each round.....and big (((( hugs)))) to those that didnt get through ..... it makes me feel so sad to think of the dissapointment...and yet Im sure that will be ME any round soon....Im prepared.
I guess I better have at least one layout this is of Briony obviously..doh! ...and her complete joy at having the bands on her teeth.....I know lots of you will have already seen this layout in galleries...but maybe someone hasnt seen it already..LOL

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Well ...this is about it for this morning.....Im off to scrap a layout.......but finally I want to add...what a lovely surprise I had in my mail box this morning....... firstly a wonderful package of fabric from Sharryn...and quite seriously this was the funkiest, most grooviest, fantastic'ist fabric Ive ever seen......I feel like wearing it...although it all cut into fat quaters and wouldnt cover a bum cheek ROFL....I cant wait to use it!!! Thankyou SO much!!
and..... also a wonderful RAK from Susan (Smiles1965) ... you have spoilt me rotten RAK was full of wonderful bits and, brads, tags...and little word tiles ...and so much is just my kind of thing!!...I love to add these tiny little odds and sods...and I just adored it....
So Im sitting here feeling absolutley spoilt, honoured, loved .... thankyou both!

Mwah for today......
Mardi xx


  1. You are such a busy little bee aren't you? I just love reading your "novels". I have missed your posts lately. Glad you are well.

    Make sure to take a pic of your new do. I love getting a new hairdo and color. Nothing like a ME day of pampering. We all need it!

    Gorgeous design! I love the colors and the journaling strips.

    Linked you up on my bloggie.. hope that was okay.

    Hugs from across the pond.

  2. love reading your novels!
    Wish i could write like you...
    thanks for your comment on my blog...i have been really slack in the 'uploading of layouts' - department..
    Would really have liked to come up for the NOV scrapping event...but its not going to happen...We will probably be up sometime after Eve will have had her baby by then

  3. i love your "novels" too. wish i can write like you too. when i re-read what i wrote,i put myself to
    good luck with scrapboxx dt:)nah, you don't need luck, you have talent!

  4. Anonymous10:59 pm

    It sounds like you really enjoyed having your mum and dad visit. Aren't mums wonderful? There's nothing better than getting "looked after" by your mum.
    Glad the training session went well. When I was a volunteer I always felt totally unprepared if something serious went wrong. Of course, we probably weren't. Because at the end of the day, there's only a few things that you can do for someone in the short time it takes for an ambulance to reach you, at least in the city. Probably different in rural areas.
    Ugh. Gut cleanse. It sounds gross. Hope you get some benefit from it, lol!
    Congrats on getting through to round 4! Loving your work at the mo. You will be a real contender!