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a Mardi moment...... andother stuff....

Alls well in our household..... so a quick catch up as follows...

Briony left on her school camp this morning.....they have gone to the Grampians in Victoria and will be gone for the week.....Bwahhh! She was excited....and had packed enough 'stuff' for 6 weeks.... and I know she will be having the best time.

Brent and Mitch begin Indoor Touch Footy tonight ..... so dodge ball is over....and touch footy begins.

Brent and Alex headed off to a Fancy dress party on Saturday night....Brent decided he'd like to be a show stopper in a dress.....never thought Id see the day that my boy was trying to squeeze into a dress......of course Alex was dressed as the male....stunning couple..LOL

WORK...WORK...WORK....Should be a law against gets in the way of leisure time....Grrrr.

Idol tonight.....who will go?......Im so nervous...I hope its Ricky.(sorry Ricky fans....but he is the most expendable in my eyes)

Well ....not much more happening...but to finish up....last week on the Scrapboxx forum...Jodie asked everyone their most embarrassing embarrassing moments tend to be my fortay...... even at work I hear..."oh...I had a Mardi moment today"......Im not sure this is something Im that proud of but I thought while these 'Mardi Moments' are fresh in my mind......Id share...LOL

The first one to spring to mind......
...we were driving home along the Dukes Highway after purchasing our caravan....I was busting for a toilet.....and there wasnt one for Ian pulled up into a parking bay alongside the highway...which is also alongside the Adelaide - Melbourne train line.

I jumped out of the car and bolted for the only bush in sight.....I didnt notice the wire fence that had half fallen down...I caught my foot and did a huge swan dive onto the ground......amongst a whole pile of pee smelling earth and wads of toilet paper (obviously a very popular pee spot).....I totally winded myself and put every bone in my spine out of joint...LOL

Well I finally managed to breathe again...and was still busting for the I pulled down my pants to squat...when TOOT TOOT...the passenger train toodles past.....I was so embarrassed but couldnt I waved poilitley...and Ian and the kids were all in stitches in the car.....I have never lived this down

....... another Mardi moment happened years ago......DH's parents were camped on the river with friends......DH and decided to visit.....the weather was absoluley freezing...and the river was like ice.....but after a day or so...I couldnt care less..I needed to freshen I donned my bikini.....and took the plunge.
Ians parents and all the friends lined up along the bank to watch the silly little whipper snapper freezing her butt off.....

I jumped in...then quickly stood up ...shaking my body and yelling "Its beautiful in"..... they all looked stunned...then I realised my bikini top had slid sideways...and I had a lovely pair of white pointers shaking in the breeze....Great way for the inlaws to always rememeber me.
...and another Mardi moment...

I was nursing in Queensland....long time ago.....another Nurse and I had just finishing sponge bathing a mature- aged gentleman in bed.....the weather being very humid...I thought he could do with a light sprinkle of I began sprinkling his upper torso and as I moved down a huge pile of talc fell out right over the top of his groin region......I said very loudly "OMG thats a big sprouter".....he went very did I ....I tried to back pedal and explain....I didnt mean 'that' was a big sprouter...I meant the powder had a big kind of went from bad to worse.... and I just wished Id given the powder a miss.............another Mardi moment etched in my memory forever....well all though Ive got many more....I will leave it at that.

Well ...thats is for me...... have a lovely night..and may the worst idol leave...LOL
Mardi x


  1. LOL Mardi you are sooooooo funny............

    The train and toilet stop story is a scream LMHO..........

    Talk soon
    Cherie xx

  2. if ever there was fodder for a layout- thats it!

    the trainstop had me in tears- and its taken me 5 min to read it to Al, cause i was laughing so much- thanks fpr sharing Mardi!!! :) :) :)

  3. all i ave to say is ROtFLMAO

  4. you're hilarious!

  5. I'm still here! Internet hasn't been disconnect yet!

    Ah Mardi Moments:) Gotta love em!

    I didn't mind Ricky leaving tonight. I wish Chris would go. Send him back to the pub! Go Jess!!!

    LOVE your sample for Kim's class!!!!!!

  6. Hello Miss Mardi!!! It was so lovely to chat to you on Scrapboxx the other night, ever so briefly, but still lovely! We'll have to do it more often :o)

    Your Naturopath visit sounds very interesting! I am definitely all for holistic medicine/nursing emcompassing natural therapies, and I wish you the best of luck with everything!!! I have been longing to get my butt to one too and intend to do so soon :o)

    ROFL at your "Mardi moments" too...I can totally relate, believe me lol ;D Oh well, just means we are good value if anyone ever needs some cheering up with a funny story huh? Hehe ;D

    Anyway, better stop my essay there lol and I will chat to you soon!


    Luv Karen xoxo

  7. OMGosh Mardi, you just crack me up.......hilarious train story and good on you for giving them a wave lol.

  8. Oh Mardi you have me in tears laughing
    so hard!

    Have a great week and your just so funny.

    Lauren x

  9. Hi Mardi,
    I can just picture you in all those "Mardi Moments" - and they are just part of why you are such a great person - no wonder we miss you so much.
    Luv from QLD
    Donna :-)
    ps i have got your messages and will try to catch up soooooon. xxxxx

  10. Chrissy (gumgully)7:23 am

    Thanks for the laughs Mardi. You're a crack up :). Will have to remember next time it happens to me to call it a 'Mardi Moment' LOL

    Chrissy xxxx

  11. Loved reading about your Mardi moments. LOL at the toilet train one.

  12. LMAO
    Too busy laughing to type, I know I have said it before but damn you make me laugh.

  13. OMG...i have literally WET my pants with laughter....they are great MARDI MOMENTS...tell us some more....pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease

  14. Love, love love those Mardi tell more!
    I'm sure Briony will have a ball.
    Did u get a photo of the boys????
    Waiting for the next insallment of the Mardi files.....LOL

  15. mardi you have me in stitches!

  16. Now I have a new name for all of those embarrasing but extremely funny monents in life .. It will be an MM moment - in honour of the leader of the pack1!! Thanks ever so much for sharing.

  17. Mardi I read all of your "Mardi moments" at the boxx but had to comment here too. They are sooo funny and great things to look back on for a laugh. I don't think I've ever had an embarassing moment...must be too darn dull *rolls eyes*

    Thanks for sharing them with us!