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Happy New Year - 2012

In search of something profound and witty to kick off the new year....
I stumbled across this via pinterest....
and I liked the sound of it.

on a personal note....
I usually join the hoards and take the opportunity of a new year to set myself some goals and dreams to work toward.....
like 'the list' I wrote a few years ago.
(Which on reflection I am pretty proud of.....yes...there are a few points I havent quite mastered.(like writing letters)....but Ive been able to put a huge tick alongside the majority of them.)

This year ....I am not so sure....I guess you could say I'm waiting for the light bulb moment.
In previous years its been easy.....Ive felt like something was missing....Ive needed to regain life balance.
So... perhaps its a sign that Ive been a good life student....because I don't have that screaming 'thing' I'm missing any more... I feel mostly content... I feel healthy.....I'm healed....I love my life.....
and I feel blessed by everything in it.

Perhaps this year will just be about perfecting the balance.....and simplifying.
I'm tired of complication.....over commitment.....and clutter.
So that's it.....that's my goal for this year.

To everyone who reads my humble little blog....I wish you the very best of everything this year...
I hope your dreams come true....and resolutions are fulfilled.
For those dear friends of mine who are doing it tough at the thoughts are constantly with you...I wish you health and healing this year.
Here's to a bloody awesome 2012....


  1. Happy New Year Mardi. All the very best for 2012. Let's hope it is "bloody" awesome! :D

  2. Amen to that Mardi...truly beautiful... Happy New Year...

    Jenny x

  3. love your thoughts in this are truly blessed to have such an amazing life and you tackle it head long...cheers to 2012...I know it will be extra you

  4. My wish for you and your clan this year Mardi is love health and happiness. Oh and the odd catchup:)
    Im happy to hear that you dont feel the need to make resolutions. To me that means you are already happyxxxxxx